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How YouTube Can Help You Get Through This Quarantine?

How YouTube Can Help You Get Through This Quarantine
It’s Summer. The Sweet Summer Breeze is Blowing Once Again. But Wait! It’s 2020, the Year of the Pandemic. Also We All Got Stuck in Quarantine. I’m Sure We All Had Great Plans for This Summer but Since the Quarantine Started Haven’t We All Been Feeling Like Phoebe From That One Episode of Friends When She Didn’t Even Have a PL - [S1 E4] and Now We’re Going to Have to Waste It Away Sitting at Our Homes Doing Nothing. 

Maybe Not Nothing. Maybe We Can Still Utilize It in Our Best Interest. After All, We’ve Got Nothing to Do. This is the Time We Can Finally Do All the Stuff We’ve Been Putting Off Since Forever. 

So, I’ve Created a List of All the Things You Can Do With the Help of YouTube. I’ve Made This List in Two Parts- First, What to Watch on YouTube and Make the Best of It. And Second, What YouTube Content to Create for Others to Enjoy. In This Article, You Have Been Told About How to Use Your Free Time in This Quarantine, So Please Read It Completely.

Watch YouTube for More Than Just Fun

There are Various Ways to Utilized Your Time through YouTube So Use the Given Below Methods to Utilize Your Time.

Learn a New Skill

Let’s Admit It, We All Have Always Had a Desire to Learn Something New but We Just Couldn’t Because of All the Studies and Workload. But Now is the Perfect Time to Pick Up That Old Hobby of Yours Again. It Can Be Cooking or Makeup or Even Photography (and Yes, This Can Be an Indoor Activity as Well). Or Maybe Learn Something Completely New Like Calligraphy or Drawing/painting Which is All the Rage at This Moment. There Are Plenty of YouTube Tutorials + Indefinite Amount of Time = A Combination You Never Had Before. 

Learn a New Language

I Know We All Have Always Wanted to Learn a Different Language Just to Show Off in Front of Our Friends or Just to Stand Out From the Crowd. Now, Who Doesn’t Want That? So Go on, Stop Wasting Your Time and Get in Your Learning Shoes. I Bet You’ll Have Something Impressive to Add on Your Resume When This Quarantine Ends. 

Keep Up With Your Studies

This One is Especially for All the Students Out There. Yes, It’s Hard to Find the Motivation to Study at Home but Remember We’re Still Going to Have to Take Exams and We Still Want to Graduate. Try Not to Hoard It All Up for the Last. 

Keep Your Body in Shape

You Do Realize How We Are All Munching on Our Favorite Snacks Getting Bored at Home. We Definitely Should Not Compromise With Our Health. Do Some Light Yoga or Aerobics at Home to Stay Fit. Better to Stay in Shape Than to Work Twice as Hard to Get in Shape. 

Watch Some Travel Vlogs

Who Says You Can’t Go Out and Have Fun? Well, Not Really Out Technically, but We Can Always Watch Some Travel Vlogs and Enjoy the Scenic Beauty of Nature. I Know It Won’t Be as Much Fun but It Still Would Be Something.

Create YouTube Content for Others

Apart From Learning From YouTube, You Also Have to Do Below Things in this Quarantine.

Challenge Videos

This, I Suppose, is the Most Exciting Way to Have Fun at Home. Challenge Yourself and Your Friends and Create Cute Videos. Upload for Others to Watch and Follow. 

Show Off Your Skills

You Might Know a Skill That Others Don’t. Others Might Know a Skill That You Don’t. Create Some Tutorials for Others to Learn That Pretty Amazing Skill of Yours. Educate and Get Educated! 

Dance/Singing Videos

Stop Worrying About the Judgy Eyes and Start Doing What You Love. Sing Your Heart Out or Dance Till You’re Trippy. Have Fun, Record It, and Let Others Watch It Too. 

Create a Gaming/Comedy Channel

All Your PUBG Lovers Out There Now is the Time to Shine. And Not Just PUBG Lovers, All Gaming Experts Out There; Tell Us Strategies - Show Off Your Game. And if You Are Not Into Games, Maybe a Comedy Channel Would Do. I Bet Those Jokes of Yours Would Crack Us All Up. Let’s Have a Good Time Together. 

Watch Movies and Create Reviews

None of Us Are Alike, We All Love Different Stuff. Some of Us Might Like to Just Watch Movies or Series Online. Why Not Share Knowledge With Others? Create Reviews and Suggest Others What to Binge on. 

It’s a Tough Time for Us All. All of Us Wanted to Go Out and Enjoy This Year, but We’re Stuck at Our Homes. But That Doesn’t Mean Our Lives Have Stopped. We Just Have to Discover New Ways to Stay Entertained Indoors. The Best Way is to Start a YouTube Channel and Entertain Yourself and Others Also. After All, We Are All Serving Humanity Together! So Telk me in the Below Comment Section that How This Article (How YouTube Can Help You to Get Through This Quarantine?) Will Helpful For You.
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