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How to Connect An Existing Domain to Blogger?

Connect An Existing Domain to Blogger
Hello Guys, Techie Post Welcomes You With a Soft Heart. How to Connect an Existing Domain to Blogger? This is the Common Question that is Always Arise in the Peoples Mind. Actually this Question is Arise in the Brain of those Peoples Who Has Failed to Connect the Exiting Domain to the Google Blogger.

There Are Many People Who Want to Add Their Domain to Google's Blogger but Due to Lack of Knowledge, They Are Unable to Do. So I Created This Post to Help Such of those People, So I Request You to Read This Post in Its Entirety, and Do Not Forget to Ignore the Smallest Things So that You Will be Able to Connect An Existing Domain to Blogger. Now Continue this Post Till the End.

Easy Steps to Connect an Existing Domain to Blogger

If You Want to Add Your Domain to Google's Blogger, Then Follow the Given Below  the 6 Steps Carefully.

1. Domain Purchasing

First of All, You Have to Buy a Domain, for This You Can Go to the Official Website of Many Domain Companies Like Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, Etc. You Can Buy Your Domain From these Domain Provider.

2. Create Blog on

Create Blog on
After Purchasing the Domain You Need to Visit to the and Create a Blog. If You Have a Blog on Google's Blogger Only then You Will Be Able to Connect Your Domain to Blogger, So Make Sure You Have the Blog on Blogger. Click Here to Visit the Google Blogger Website.

3. Go to Blogger Setting

Go to Blogger Setting
After This You Have to Go to the Settings of Blogger Where You Can See "Set Up a Third Party Url for Your Blog" by Going to Basic Settings. Here You Have to Add Your Domain. Add Your Domain With "www" Only Then It Will Be Add.
Add Your Domain
As Soon as You Click on "Third Party Domain Settings" and Add Your Domain, You Will See Two Things First is Name, Label, or Host Field and Second is Destination, Target, or Points to Field. Friends, Now You Have to Submit It From Where You Purchase Your Domain. Let's Take Godaddy for Example.

4. Go to Domain Provider Website (For Example GoDaddy)

DNS Setting
After Seeing the CNAMEs, Login to the Website of the Domain Provider From Which You Have Obtained the Domain and Go to the Dashboard. After That Go to Your Domain Settings. For Example, I Go to the Dashboard of Godaddy Domain Provider. Go to the Dashboard of Any Domain Provider From Which You Have Obtained the Domain and Click on Your Domain From Where You Will See DNS Setting. Go to the Record Option by Going to DNS Setting.

Important: - If You Doesn't Find the Record Section in DNS Setting Then Remove Your Domain Nameserver From DNS Setting (Choose the Default Nameserver), Then Reference the Page. Now You Will See the Record Section in DNS Setting.

5. Now Submit the CNAMEs in Your Domain Records

Now Add Blogger's CNAMEs to Your Domain's Record. Choose "CNAME" Option in "Type", Fill "Host" Field, "Point to" Filed and Choose the Default Setting in "TTL". Add One More CNAME in Record Section.

Note: - If You Are Unable to Submit the First Blogger's CNAME, Then Edit the First CNAME Option That is Already Available in the Upper Table of Your Domain Record Setting. Add the Second Blogger's CNAME as Upper Step.

6. Add four A-Records Which Point to Google IPs

Now You Have Have to Add the Give Below Google IPs to Your Domin Record Option: -
Google IPs

Choose "A" Option in Type, Fill "Host" Field with @, "Point to" Filed With Google IPs and Choose the Default Setting in "TTL". Add  Three More Google IPs in Record Section.

Now Click on the Save Button and Save the Domain. It Takes 5 to 10 Minutes, So Wait for 5 to 10 Minutes. After 10 Minutes or So, Your Domain Will Be Connected to Google's Blogger, and in This Way Your Blog Will Be Live.

Note: - In Such Cases It Take 12 Hours to 24 Hours. After This Process Definitely Your Exiting Domain Will Be Connected to Google Blogger.

I Am Sure After Reading This Post You Will Definitely Be Able to Connect An Existing Domain to Blogger. If You Have Any Problem in Relation to This Post, Then Feel Free to Express Your Language, I Will Definitely Answer Your Questions. Must Come Again, Thank You.
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