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How to Create Free Website on

Create Free Website
Hello Friends, in This Post Today, I Will Tell You How to Create a Free Website With the Help of Blogspot. With the Help of Blogspot, You Can Create a Free Website Without Spending a Rupee, for This You Need to Know Some Steps, Which I Am Going to Tell in This Post. Friends, More Than a Crore Websites Are Live in the World of Internet and We Have Visited Only Some of Them. There is a Lot of Medium to Create Free Website, but Blogspot is Better Than Ever, Why is It Good That in This Post I Will Also Tell You That. So You Are Expected to Read the Entire Post.

Simple Steps to Create Free Website through Blogger

Step 1) Friends, to Create a Free Website on Blogger, You Must First Have a Google Account, to Create an Account on Google, You Must First Go to the Following Link That is
Google Registration
Step 2) After Clicking on the Link, Google's Registration Page Will Open on Your Screen, Now You Have to Fill Some Information in It. First of All Fill Your First Name and Last Name and Also Choose Your Username, After Which You Have to Choose the Password and Then Click on the "Next" Link.

Step 3) After Clicking on the Next Button, You Will Have to Enter Your Mobile Number Otherwise One of Your Gmail Id, After Which Your Account Will Be Created in Google.
Create Blogger Account
Step 4) After Creating Google Account, You Will Have to Visit the Following Link that is

Step 5) Now Login by Entering Your Email ID and Password. After Login, You Have to Fill Your Name to Create Free Website on Blogger and Then Click on "Continue to Blogger" Link.
Create Blogger
Step 6) Now According to the Picture Presented Below, You Have to Click on the "Create Blog" Link.
Step 7) Now You Have to Fill the Recommended Website Name and Url Shown in the Picture Below, After That Select the Theme and Then Click on the "Create Blog" Link.
Step 7) After Filling All the Information, Your Website Will Be Created, Now You Can Change the Settings and Customize Your Website by Clicking on Settings. You Can Create New Posts and Pages in Your Blog, Change the Layout. You Will Find a Lot of Options in the Blog, Learn to Use Them One by One.
Blog Created
So With This Whole Process You Can Create a Website for Free. Friends, Whatever the Purpose of Creating Your Website, You Can Do It Here. If Your Aim is to Make Money by Creating a Blog, for This You Will Have to Create a Post and Rank It in Search Engine, After Traffic Comes You Will Be Able to Earn Money With the Help of Google Adsense.


I Hope That With the Help of This Post You Will Be Able to Create Free Website on Blogger. Friends, I Will Keep Publishing Posts Related to Blogger in Future on Techie Posts. So, You Come Here From Time to Time and Read the Blogger Related Articles, Which Will Increase Your Knowledge. Friends, if There is Any Kind of Problem Related to Creating a Blog, Then Ask That Through the Comment Box that is Given Below.

How to Create YouTube Channel?

Create YouTube Channel
Hello Friends, Almost Everyone Knows About YouTube in Today's Date. In Today's World, YouTube is the Only Medium After Google Where We Can Understand Things Through Practical Means. Through Today's Post, You Will Understand How to Create YouTube Channel? Here I Am Going to Tell You Very Easy Steps Through Which You Will Definitely Be Able to Create YouTube Channel. Along With This, How to Customize YouTube Channel, How to Upload Videos? I Will Tell You All These Things Through This Post Today. So You Are Expected to Read the Entire Post Without Skipping Any Part.

Learn Simple Steps to Create YouTube Channel

Step 1) Friends, You Should Have At-least a Google Account For Creating a YouTube Channel, If You Have Not a Google Account then Click Here For Creating a Google Account.
Google Account
Step 2) After Creating a Google Account, Now You Have to Sign-In On With Your Login ID and Password.
YouTube Login
Step 3) After Logging Into YouTube, You Will Need to Click on the Profile Icon Shown in the Picture Below.
Logging Into YouTube
Step 4) Now You Have to Click on the "Create a Channel Link" to Create YouTube Channel.
Create a Channel
Step 5) After Clicking on "Create a Channel" Link, YouTube Will Ask You Whether You Want to Create a YouTube Channel by Your Name or by Any Other Name, as You Can See in the Picture Below. If You Want to Create a YouTube Channel With Your Name, Click on the "Select" Option in the Left Side, and if You Want to Create a YouTube Channel With a Custom Name, Then Click on the "Select" Option in the Right Side.
Choose YouTube Channel Name
Step 6) Now You Have to Enter the Name of the YouTube Channel, and Then Click on the "Create" Button.
Now Your YouTube Channel Will Be Created, After YouTube Channel is Created, You Will Be Able to Customize Your Channel, Along With Uploading Videos, You Will Get Many More Options in YouTube Channel.


People May Have Different Purpose to Create YouTube Channel, but Most People Want to Earn Money Through YouTube, Friends, You Can Also Make Money by Creating YouTube Channel. For This, You Have to Upload Informative Videos on Your YouTube Channel, When Your Channel Has 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch Time, Then You Will Be Able to Earn Money With the Help of Adsense.. I Hope that This Article Will Help You to Create YouTube Channel. If You Want Any More Information Related to this Article or If You Have Any Doubt then Pleas Ask It through the Given Below Comment Box.

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How to Move Back to Classic Blogger?

Move Back to Classic Blogger
Hello Friends, Welcome to Techie Post, Here You Can Learn About Many Updates Related to Tech. Today, With the Help of This Article, I Am Going to Tell You How You Came Back to the Classic Blogger Again. For This, You Have to Read This Article Completely.

Simple Steps to Move Back From New Blogger to Classic Blogger

Recently Google's Blogger Has Made a New Update in Which You Get to Go From Classic Version to New Version. There is a Lot to See in This New Version of This Blogger. This New Version Has Updated the Blogger's Home Page, With Which Her Posts and Pages Get to Be Seen in a New Look. So Now We Know About the Steps to Go Back to the Classic Blogger.

1) First of All Sign-in in the Google Blogger With Google Gmail ID and Password.
Google Blogger Login
2) After Log-in in Google Blogger, You Just Have to Click on "Back to Classic Blogger" that Will be Showing in the Bottom of the Blogger. (See the Given Below Image)
Move Back to Classic Blogger
3) After Clicking on "Back to Classic Blogger" You Will be Redirect to the Classic Blogger.

Why Does Everyone Want to Go to the Classic Blogger?

Friends, Most Bloggers Want to Move From Google's New Blogger to Classic Blogger, There Are Some Reasons, One of Which is the Important Reason for Not Uploading the Image in Blogger's Post or Page. You Heard It Right, in Google's New Blogger, You Will Not Be Able to Put an Image in a Post or Page. When You Click on the Image Icon then You Will See the Result Same as the Given Below Image. You Will Seeing a Notification that Will be Resulting the Text that is " refused to connect".
Blogger Image Can't Upload
With the Help of Google's Forum, Many People Asked the Question, Why Are We Not Able to Put an Image in the Post or Page of Google's New Blogger? Got the Answer to This, It is Happening Due to Technical Problem, Hence, Efforts Are Being Made to Correct This. Friends, This Problem Has Been Made Painful but It is Possible to Recover It in a Few Days. So Till This is Fixed, You Can Use Google's Classic Blogger.

What is Blogger?

Blogger Was Created by Pyra Labs, Which Was Bought by Google in 2003 and After Some Changes, It Was Introduced as a Blog-publishing Service. With the Help of Blogger, Many Users Send Information to Others With the Help of Blogs. Who Like to Write, They Earn Money by Writing Blogs With the Help of Google's Adsense.

Blogger is Hosted by Google, in Addition, Users Can Create Their Own Blog With a Subdomain of Google's Blogger Also Has the Facility to Add Custom Domains. But Blogger Has Some Limits in Which a User Can Create 100 Blogs Per Account, 1 Gb of Storage is Available for the Image, 5,000 Unique Labels Per Blog. Apart From This There is No Limit to the Number of Posts or Pages You Can Create in Blogger.


In This Article, You Have Learned How to Go Back to Classic Blogger, You Have Also Found Out Why Everyone Wants to Go to the Classic Blogger and Also Learn About Blogger. I Hope You Like This Article and Hope It Will Be Useful for You. For Any Additional Information Related to This Article, Please Comment Through the Comment Box Below.

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How Can I Set Live Location Sharing Feature in Garmin GPS Device?

Set Live Location Sharing Feature in Garmin GPS Device
Garmin Spectacularly Exhibits Award-winning Navigation Functionalities With the GPS Devices. It Has Been Manufacturing for the Past Few Years. Even the Software Utilities Deployed by Garmin in This Competitive Market Are Collecting Praiseworthy Feedback From Its Customers. Such Utilities Offer a Helping Hand to the Existing Garmin Users to Track Their Live Locations Globally. So You Should Have to Know that How to Set Live Location Sharing Feature in Garmin GPS Device? For this Check Below Steps.

Setting Live Location Sharing Feature on the Garmin Devices

If You Are Keeping Garmin Devices in Your Pockets, Then You Can Easily Set the Live Sharing Feature Onto These Devices and Make People Aware About Your Current Spot. So, All You Need to Do is: -
  1. Turn on the Garmin Models and Connect the Same With the Internet (Either Wired or Wireless). Double-check if or Not the GPS Button is Switched on.
  2. Then Log in With Your Credentials Like the Email Address and Password. In Case You Are a New User, Register Yourself First and Enjoy the Benefits of Sharing Your Locations in Real-time.
  3. Download the Garmin Connect Utility on Your Devices and Access the Option (Either of Android or Ios) From the Top-left Corner.
  4. the Above Step Displays a Suite of Options. Click the One That States Safety and Tracking. On the Contrary, if the Feature is Not Displayed by Your Garmin Unit You Can Also Find the Live Track Option and Then Click the Same.
  5. The Wizard Prompts the End-user License Agreement Consisting of Privacy Policies and the Associated Garmin’s Disclaimers. Read All of Them Carefully and Then Hit the Consent Button.
  6. Wait Till You See the Live Tracking Event in Front of Your Eyes So That You Can Schedule the Sharing of Your Current Spot by Clicking the Share Web Link Option.
  7. In the End, Click on Start Live Track to Measure Your Daily Activities and Share Them With Your Friends Across Various Social Media Platforms With the Shared Web Link Option.
If You Follow the Steps Articulated Above With Utmost Sincerity Onto the Garmin Units You Already Have, It Becomes Much Convenient for You to Meet Your Friends and Spot Your Family Members at Times You Are Walking in Congested Areas.

Identically, One Can Conveniently Track the Daily Activities Like Outdoor Recreational Events, Live Event Sharing and Others After Downloading the Most Compatible Map Updates (Inclusive of Garmin Nuvi Update) Onto Their Garmin Devices. Also, Fitness Freaks and Other Bicycle Riders Prefer to Use Garmin Watches (Such as Garmin Vivomove, Garmin Forerunner, Etc) to Measure Walking Steps, Heartbeats, Pulse Rate, and Other Parameters. Let’s Discuss the Advantages of Sharing Your Live Events: -

Benefits of Sharing Your Events at Real-time

Sharing Your Events Live With Other People (Inclusive of Friends, Family Members, and Other Relatives) Helps a Lot at Times You Need to Inform Someone When They Get Stuck in Traffic. Below Are the Benefits of Enabling the Gps Button and Sending Your Current Locations to Other People: -

Monitor Activities at Real-time

As Soon as Someone Shares His/her Live Location With People (Including Students, Teachers, and Other Individuals), It is Much Easier for Other People to Monitor the Movements So That They Can Conveniently Find the Person (They Are Looking for). Furthermore, Live-location Tracking is a Powerful Tool at Times You Want to Connect Masses and Convey Your Thoughts. This is the Only Reason Why You Should Not Share the Same With Hackers So That This Can’t Hurt Your Privacy.

Meeting Friends Within a Short Duration

When You Plan to Meet Your Friends Occasionally but You Don’t Know Where the Person is, All You Need to Do is Switch on the GPS Functionality of Your Garmin Unit Models (If You Have). Later on, You Can Successfully Execute Your Plans of Meeting Them Either Outside a Movie Theatre or Some Other Point-of-interests (Like Hotels, Resorts, and Other Places). In This Way, Your Friends Can Easily Catch You by Simply Following the Guidelines Displayed by the Navigation of the Live Location Prompts.

Ensures Safety and Security

If You Are Wandering at Some Picnic Spots With Your Children or Planning to Attend an Event With Them, Their Safety and Security Will Always Be Your Primary Concern. This Requirement is Catered by the Location Sharing Feature in Garmin GPS Device Because You Can Smartly Share the Live-location of Your Current Spot With Your Child’s Garmin Unit. Likewise, You Can Track All the Activities of Your Children (Like What They Are Doing) So That They Are Safe and Secure Even if You Are Roaming in Crowded Spaces With Them.

The Mentioned-Above Benefits Can Also Be Used by the Users of Tomtom After They Download the Latest Version of Tomtom Gps Update Onto Their Devices.


Garmin Devices Not Only Help You Commute Places With High Altitudes but Also Safeguard the Security of Your Children and Other Near and Dear Ones. Furthermore, With the Help of Live-locations, You Can Perform Fitness Tasks Daily and Track Other Vehicles You Want. Even at Times, You Plan to Do Outdoor Recreational Activities Live Locations Offer a Helping Hand to Such Gaming Enthusiasts. In Case You Are Interested in Knowing More About the Garmin Models, Don’t Spare a Moment in Visiting the Official Web-Portals and Navigate With Such Devices to Unknown Territories Hassle-free. I Hope in this Article We be Able to Set Live Location Sharing Feature in  Garmin GPS Device.

How Amazon Alexa is Helpful for Humans?

Amazon Alexa
In Today’s Era, Technology is Getting Popular Worldwide. Likewise, Alexa Devices (of Amazon Obviously) Are an Added Value to the Popularity. On a Wider Aspect, Artificial Intelligence is Helping Masses to Perform Pretty (Simple or Complex) Tasks in a Few Minutes. The  Amazon Alexa Setup if Downloaded and Installed Correctly Onto Your Smartphones Can Make Your Life Interesting and Amazing.

We, According to a Recent Survey of Code Computer Love, Get to Know the Smart Insights About the Impact the Third and Fourth Generations of Alexa Devices Made on Its Users. Before We Discuss the Points Included in This Survey, Just Take a Look at the Prerequisites You Must Adhere While Setting Up Alexa Onto Your Smartphones: -

Prerequisites of the Amazon Alexa Setup

Before You Connect Amazon’s Speakers With Your Smart-devices, Just Remember These Points Which Can Help You in the Long Run: -

1) Bluetooth Functionality

The Primary Prerequisite for Customizing Amazon’s Devices is Bluetooth. Without Bluetooth, It is Almost Impossible to Get Assistance From the Artificially Intelligent Alexa. You Must Ensure if the Bluetooth of Smartphones is Working or Not. This Check Will Help You in the Long Run.

2) Number of Devices Connected at a Particular Instance of Time

It is Important to Know About the Maximum Number of Devices One Can Connect With Amazon’s Speakers. For This, You Can Also Read Alexa’s Product Manual. The Manual Specifies the Product’s Mandatory Conditions Like Disclaimers, Cancellation Policies and Its Associated Replacement. 

3) Internet Connection

Before You Set Up Alexa, You Must Have Secure and Proper Internet Connectivity at Your Premises. If the Internet Connection is Poor, Troubleshoot This Problem First. Then, You Can Proceed Further With the Downloading Process of the Alexa Application Available Either at the Official Site of Amazon or Play Store. 

The Time Has Now Come to Know the Survey’s Insights. Let’s Discuss the Important Points of This Survey: -

Survey Insights About the Amazon Alexa Setup

Smart Insights Articulated Below Clearly Depict That Today’s Generation (Most Preferably the Students) Can Complete Their Daily Activities With No Hassle. Let’s Discuss Them One by One: -
  1. 65 Percent of People Used to Instruct Alexa for Playing the Tracks or Listening to Fm or Am.
  2. 50 Percent of Customers (Especially the Middle-age and Old-age Ones) Listen to News and Weather Podcasts Daily.
  3. 20 Percent of Users (Mostly Women) Instruct Alexa to Tell Ways of Boiling Eggs. Notwithstanding, They Also Ask Alexa to Set Reminders at Times They Are Eager to Know About the Trending Travel Updates.
  4. 33 Percent of College Students Ask Alexa to Play Jokes and Other Technical Websites So That They Can Learn Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Other Programming Languages for Uplifting Their Career Growth in the Desired Field.
  5. Various Smart-speaker Owners (Around 45 Percent) Ask the Trending Voice Assistant Alexa Ways That Can Make Their Personality Funny and Attractive.  
All These Points Have Shown That Amazon Alexa is Helping Humans From All Across the World to Use Internet-of-things Most Frequently. Identically, the Sudden Hike in Sales’ Growth of Amazon Strengthens Alexa’s Existence for Capturing Positive Feedback by Top-notch Marketing Experts. These Experts Are Well-versed With the Market Trends and the Associated Strategies That Can Outpace the Company’s Performance So That They Can Outsell Their Rivals.


Amazon’s Alexa Speakers Are Generating a Good Amount of Revenue With Its Award-winning Specifications. Furthermore, It is Much Easier to Know About the Podcasts, Order Our Favorite Food Online, Boil Eggs Quickly (if Required) and So on, Only by Giving Voice-controlled Instructions to Alexa (a Virtual Assistant). All Such Points Clarify That Amazon Alexa is Helpful for Humans. Still Curious to Know About the Steps to Download and Configure the Amazon Alexa Setup With Your Smartphones? Don’t Spare a Moment in Visiting the Amazon Official Web-Portal.

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The Best GPS Devices That Will Never Lose a Traveler

Best GPS Devices
Have You Ever Faced a Scenario in Which You Are Stuck Amidst the Roadways and Shouting Out Loud? The Same Scenario Has Happened to Me a Few Days Back. But, Thanks to the Almighty God as I Had the GPS Device Mounted in the Car’s Slot. Nobody Can Deny the Fact That These Best GPS Devices Have Award-winning Functionalities Under Which One Can Never Be in Danger Even if the Person Has Decided to Prevail in the Unknown Territories.

But, the Point is How These Best GPS Devices Can Find the Spots? The Reason is Obvious- the Frequent Updates Launched by the Company. Various Updates (Including the Garmin Map Update Too) Consist of the Award-winning Functionalities That May Help You Commute the Unfavorable Destinations With the Correct Demographics. Having the Curiosity to Know About These Unit Models? We Will Discuss Them. But, Before Doing This, Just Take a Quick Tour on the Salient Features of the GPS Devices Launched by the Top-notch Companies in the Yesteryears: -

Salient Features of Such Best GPS Devices

Such Best GPS Devices Can Make Your Travel Hustle-free Assertively With the Help of the Salient Characteristics Mentioned Below: -

Going Out for a Scavenger Hunt

Various Garmin Users Carry a Perpetual Zeal in Their Hearts to Spend Their Leisure Time in Hunting. To Deal With Such Scenarios, Hunters Prefer to Use the Three-dimensional Representation of the Venue (of Hunting Obviously). This Offers a Helping Hand to Them When They Find the Animals Coming Across. In This Manner, They Can Plan Their Forthcoming Hunting Moves Too.

Geocaching: Take the Outdoor Activities to the Next Level

You Might Have Heard About the Outdoor Activities. These Activities Recreationally Use Geocaches. Geocaches Are the Containers or the Objects Hidden While You Play Such Games. Garmin Users Prefer to Enjoy Their Leisure Times Playing These Outdoor Games. In Such Times, the GPS Functionality (of Nuvi Models Too) Calculate the Distance of the Geocaches From the Current Location and Guide You Well With Its on-screen Navigation Prompts.

Waymarking - the Best Way to Find Routes

Waymarking is Such a Technique That Lets the GPS Devices Create an Augmented Three-dimensional Representation So That One Can Report the Desired Point-of-interests to Form a Community of Those in a Short Span of Time. Likewise, One Can Use the Terminology to Their Utmost Benefits and Cover the Most Prevailing Topographic Swiftly. Furthermore, It is Easier to Find Your Desired Spots if the Nuvi Device Has a Camera to Capture the Screenshots of Such Places So That One Can Visualize the Most Complex Locations From All Dimensions.

Not Only the Devices but the Associated Updates (Inclusive of the Most Compatible Tomtom Map Update) of Those Can Map the Features Mentioned-above to Some Extent. As Per My Promise, the Time Has Now Come to Deliver Some Key Aspects of the Most Used Gadgets of the Top-notch Companies (Such as Garmin, Tomtom, Magellan, and Navman). Let’s Begin the Game: -

Mostly Used Best GPS Devices

You Can Surely Reach Your Point-of-interest (Such as Restaurants, Hotels, Spas, Boutiques, and Other Locations) Within the Stipulated Time-frame if You Carry Any of the GPS Devices in Your Pockets Enlisted Below: -

Tomtom Go 620

The Navigation Experts of Tomtom Have Designed the Go 620 Device in Such a Manner That It Boasts Up the Vehicular Performance of Various Cars, Trucks and Other Automobiles in a Much Peculiar Manner. Likewise, Its 6 Inches Screen is Capable Enough of Generating the Geospatial Views in Three-dimensions of Various Parts of the United States, Mexico, and Canada.
The Available Map Updates of the Tomtom Go 620 Unit Model Can Assertively Show You the Real-time Roadways With the Help of on-screen Navigation Prompts Generated by Its Automated Navigation System. Let’s Take a Look at Its Specifications: -
  1. Built-in Memory of 16 Gigabytes for Storing the Large Map Files of Its Associated Lifetime GPS Updates.
  2. The Full Recharged Ionized Battery (of Lithium) Can Drive the Go 620 Device Autonomously Up to One Hour Without Any Interruption.
  3. The Easy-to-charge Device Along With a Car Charger and a Five Inches Usb Power Cord. The Output Power Source It Requires is 5 Volts and the Current Flow Must Be 1.2 Amperes.
  4. Effective Voice-controlling Algorithms by Which One Can Command the Destinations (He/she Wish to Commute) Instead the Selecting Those Destinations Manually on the Screen. Furthermore, One Can Save Them as Bookmarks Just by Speaking the Same.
  5. Calculates the Speed, Fuel Efficiency and Estimated Time of Arrival at Times You Decide to Reach the Unfavorable Demographics.

Garmin Nuvi 255w

The Nuvi’s 255w Unit Model is Reviewed Much Positively by the Competitive Market. The Reason is Obvious- the Easy-to-access Functionalities of This Gadget. Most Prominently, the Updated Maps of This Device Can Display the Realistic Three-dimensional Topographic Views of Various Terrains, Unknown Passes and Other Waypoints Users Prevail the Most. Take a Look at the Features of This Efficient Device: -
  1. Voice-controlled Navigation Alerts Automatically Announce the Twists and Turn One Can Take for Reaching the Destinations.
  2. Preloaded Maps of North America and Its Associated Geographical Nodes With Correct Longitudinal and Latitudinal Measurements.
  3. The Screen Size is 4.3 Inches Which Are Wide Enough to Display the Re-routes in Diagonal, Vertical and Horizontal Formats.
  4. If You Unbox the Nuvi 255w Device of Garmin, You Will Find a Power Cable and Suction Cup Mount That May Help You at Times You Choose to Use the Device for Four Hours or More.

Magellan Roadmate 5045t

The Roadmate 5045t GPS Unit of Magellan Acts as a Navigation Aid at Times One Gets Stuck at the Destinations You Have Selected Already. There Are Times When the Navigation Databases of Other GPS Providers Show Inaccurate Information About the Routes. As a Result, the Truckers Who Prefer to Travel During Rotational Shifts Feel Unsafe and Hazardous. The Features Enlisted Below Assures That Such Truckers Will Reach Their Endpoints Securely. Let’s Know More About Them: -
  1. A Smart Detour Navigation System That Shows the Directional Guidelines With a Minimal Error Rate.
  2. The Storage Capacity of 32 Gigabytes That Lets the Existing Magellan Users Create, Edit and Save Multiple Destination Routes to the Address Books of the Device.
  3. Lifetime GPS Map Updates That Consist of the Preloaded Maps of North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.
  4. Alphanumeric Touchscreen Keypad That Can Be Used to Enter the Streets and Cities That Have Numbers Enlisted in Their Names.

Navman N40i

The N40i Device Wishes Best of Luck to the Existing Navman Users in Accessing the Highway Pois (Primarily Abbreviated as Point-of-interests) for Making the Trips Memorable. Instead of Banging Your Heads Against the Walls, You Can Use the One-touch Functionality for Accessing the Saved Search Criteria and Favorite Destinations at Your Fingertips. To Know the Specifications, Take a Look at These Points: -
  1. Automatically Reroutes the Map Views in Case There is an Unexpected Change in the Routing Paradigm.
  2. The Device is Easy to Carry as the Size is 81mm * 118mm * 22.5mm. Here, 81mm is the Length, 118mm is the Breadth and 22.5mm Signifies the Device’s Height.
  3. Preloaded Maps of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, France, Andora, Canada, and Scandinavia.
  4. In-car Suction Mount With a Power Connector 12 Volts and Usb Cable of 1.1.
  5. Anti-glare High Resolution of 3.5 Inches for Displaying the Terrain Views Much Clearly.
The Devices Enlisted Above Are One of the Best GPS Devices That Will Never Make the Traveler Feel He/she is Lost in Finding the Way Accurately. One Can Make the Journey Memorable if He/she Knows How to Use the Device Optimally.


GPS Service Providers Are Working Hard Every Day in Improving Their Services. Furthermore, You Can Perform Daily Activities Like Scavenging, Hunting and Reaching the Favorites With the Help of Such Best GPS Devices. Also, the Associated GPS Can Take You Extra Miles Even if You Are Not Familiar With the Territories You Have Planned to Visit With Your Families.

Why Do We Think Antivirus are Necessary?

Why Do We Think Antivirus are Necessary
Top-Notch Antivirus Companies Are Giving Tough Competition to Each Other in Proving Themselves the Best in the Market. Companies Like Avast, McAfee, Webroot, and Norton Are Growing Enormously With the Help of Antivirus Applications They Develop and Deploy to Its Customers. At Times You Purchase Antivirus Products, the First Thing That Comes in Our Minds is Its Functionalities.

The Functionalities, if Known Well, Can Assertively Boost Up the Performance-speed of the Workstations You Are Using Most Commonly. Having the Curiosity to Know About the Cult-classic Functionalities of Such Antivirus Applications? Read the Below Section Carefully for This: -

Cult-Classic Functionalities of Such Antivirus Applications

If Someone Knows the Unbeatable Functionalities of the Most Popular Antivirus Applications, He/she Can Assertively Remove Various Online Threats, Trojans, Malware and Other Viruses From the Workstations at Which They Are Installed. You Can Get the Mentioned-below Benefits: -
  1. Platform-Independency - This is Not a Hard and Fast Rule That the User Can Only Install the Antivirus Setups Only on Windows and Macintosh. If Someone Actively Uses Smartphones to Perform the Daily Activities, He/she Can Also Remove the Viruses, Malware and Other Threats on Them Too.
  2. Online Data Backup - Not Only Kaspersky but Mcafee, Norton and Other Antiviruses Create an Online Backup of Your Important Information. With This Backup, One Can Easily Access Personal Information (Like Email Messages, Bank Details, Application Passwords and Other Documents [like Powerpoint, Excel and Word Files]).
  3. Boost the Performance - After You Start Scanning (Either a Full-time or a Quick Scan) Your Laptops and Other Operating Systems, You Will Get a List of Malware, Threats, Trojans, and Other Online Scams After the Scanning is Complete. Now, It is Much Easier to Either Move Them to Trash or Deleted Permanently. Such Scans Assertively Boost the Performance Speed of the Operating Systems.
  4. Advanced Parental Control - Kids Neglect Their Studies. The Reason is Quite Obvious. They Spend More Time Watching Their Favorites All the Time. If You Have Kids at Your Home, You Can Use the Advanced Parental Control Feature for Tracking Down Their Daily Browsing Activities. This Not Only Gives You the Authority to Know the Kids Well but Also Generates Interest in Them to Focus on Their Studies Well (Apart From the Extra-curricular Activities).
After Reading the Distinctive Features of Such Antivirus Applications, You May Get Excited in Knowing About Installing Such Antiviruses on Your Workstations. Take a Look at This Section Categorized Into Three Parts: -

A Three-step Guide to Install These Antivirus Setups

Installing the Setups of the Most Profound Antiviruses on Your Windows Might Become Troublesome if Its Associated Steps Are Not Executed Well. Moreover, the Successful Installation of Such Well-renowned Security Tools Can’t Be Fruitful if the Execution of Such Steps [from a) to C)] is Full of Carelessness: -

A) Downloading the Best Security Software

  1. To Begin With the Downloading, All You Have to Do is Browse the Official Website of Any Antivirus (You Wish to Install) and Download the Compatible Software on Your Desktop. 
  2. Later on, Browse the “product” Section From the Main Page of the Antivirus Company You Chose.
  3. Do Check the Compatibility Parameters by Verifying the Same With Your Operating System. At Last, Tap the “buy Now and Download” Button Displayed at the Bottom of the Name of the Antivirus Product. 
  4. Initiate the Loading to Enjoy the Protected Results of the Antivirus.

B) Installing It via Activation Code

The Mentioned-above Steps Completed the One-third Part of Installing the Antivirus Software You Choose to Install. After Downloading the Necessary Extension File of the Antivirus Setup, the Main Thing You Have to Do is Activate the Installed Setup of Antivirus With a Code. To Make It Simple for You to Implement, Take a Look at the Instructions for Customizing and Activating the Antivirus of Your Priority: -

c) Cross-Verifying the Instructions Displayed by the Wizard Prompts

  1. The Wizard Prompts of the Setup Can Activate and Install the Necessary Antivirus on Your Desktops. To Proceed Further, You Must Enter the Twenty Alphanumeric Characters of the Activation Code.
  2. This Code is Mentioned Underneath the Package or the Cover of the Purchased Antivirus. Enter the Activation Code in the Square Boxes Correctly. 
  3. Users Who Are Merely Interested in Purchasing the Antivirus Product Can Opt for the Trial Version of 30 Days. To Enjoy This Benefit, You Need to Pay Nominal Charges to the Product’s Site Display.
  4. Simply Go to the License Renewal and Upgrade Center to Proceed Further With Activation. Now, You Have to Navigate the Setting Icon on the Home Screen Interference of the Antivirus. 
  5. Spot the Navigate Setting Icon >> Activate. Then, Click the Activate Button. 
  6. After the Windows Completes the Activation Process, It is Easy for the Users to Execute the Scanning Feature for Detecting the Virus or Threats That Might Infect the Device in Several Ways. 
  7. Follow the Remaining on-screen Instructions of the Installation Wizard and Click on Finish at the End. In This Manner, One Can Protect the Device by Offering the Shield Against the Entire Online Threats.


Antivirus Companies Are Generating Enormous Revenue With Their Widespread Popularity Among the Masses. Primarily, the Process of Installing and Activating Such Security Software Offers Protection to Our Devices Against Unwanted Trojans and Harmful Malware. In Case You Need Further Assistance Related to the Activation and Installation Processes, Do Feel Free in Visiting Our Web-portals and Get Complete Information on These Aspects.